The plans were changed, - again. We did not go to The Baths, (we will go there later) but just "around the corner" on south side, to Soper Hole. We were there for two days, and were laying beside the sailboat "Dawn Trader". The owner, Peter was a very nice guy from Polen. He lived in Italy and on this boat that he were restaurating.
One afternoon we made a fish-dinner, and invited him over to eat with us. It turned out to be a very nice evening, with wine and a lot of talking about sailing and nice places to visit.
The next day we took a taxi to Nanny Cay, we were going to find a boat chandler. There was some small things we needed for the boat. Just as other times, we left the chandlery with more things tHan we were ment to buy, and less money in our pocket!
At the same afternoon we took the dingy and went up a small, narrow channel nearby. Quite an adventure. There was a strong tide under the bridge, but a lot of colourful fishes to see. Even barracudas were following, small ones I have to say.
One of my aunts, back home had birthday that day, and in the evening we went to a restaurant for dinner and wine, to celebrate her.
The next day we went for shopping some fresh food, we would continue our sailing that morning.
From Soper Hole we sailed to Norman Island, and after we visited Peter Island. Just south and south west of us were St. John and St. Thomas. This two islands belongs to the US, and we do not have visas so we could not go there. At the map we saw that the border was going along the ocean, in our direction. Stein were very attentiv, not to cross that border, haha.
On our way, we found a nice little bay, Money Cay, and we dropped the anchor there and took the dingy ashore. We took a bath, looked at coralls, and picked some souvernirs from the beach. After a couple of hours we went back to the sailboat. We would like to get a good anchoringplace before it got dark. We ended up in Kay Bay, dropped the anchor and had a beautyful sunset after a couple of hours. Stein took the dingy ashore, to use the videocamera in a try to "catch the moment". I stayed at the boat, preparing the dinner. Stein have been working a lot,to edit the videos. We are looking foreward to show our family and friends some of our experiences.
The next morning we went ashore, to explore the area. We were happy to find caves made from the water. It was like a fountain, as the waves came in, amazing! We were also lucky to see an animal like a fallow deer, nice birds and different crabs. The forest were great, with huge trees and some strange "protuberances" between the branches. I have never seen anything like that! I did not stay long in the forest. I am very scared of snakes, and I would not like to meet some. I think that I was brave, to go there at all!
We did not know where to go, next. Here are small distances between all places, so we do notplan a lot. we more or less take it from day to day up here. It feels good to "load up", thinking about the loooooong Atlantic -crossing coming up in a while.
Have a nice weekend, and take care!