We started out from Barbuda as planned. By sailing day and night, we ought to be at Jost Van Dyke (BVI) in about 36 hours. We were crossing up there, some wawes sideways, but it went ok. At the middle of the night the,after 38 hours sailing, we dropped the anchor in a bay near Guano island at Tortola. We were tired, and desided to stay for rest of the night. There was no reason to be worried about mosquitoes that night, only a couple of sandflies had been visiting during the night (other places a lot of biting mosquitoes).
The next day we had a good breakfast, before heading for the island Jost van Dyke. The next day we were supposed to meet Americans there at White Bay, and we were exited about that, as we had never met them before. It was wery crowdy at White Bay, so we went to the harbour "Great Harbor" next to this. Just a short dingy-ride from White Bay.
Next day we had a nice time with Amy, Craig and the rest of their crew. It was nice meeting them. We decided to explore the other side of " the fjord", the day after.
We had just finiched our breakfast, as a dingy came longside. There were some people onboard that was wondering if we would like to get som provision? They had rented the boat for a week, that they had to deliver the next day. They had a hugh amount of grosseries, that they wanted to give away. They could see that we were long time sailers, and offered us to come on board and pick whatever we like. We were amazed! The fridge and the cooler was filled up, in addition to a lot of other grosseries.
We ended up with 40 gallons of water, 3 cases of softdrinks, 5 bottles of liquer, 5 bottles of wine, 3 kg of meat, vegetables, canned food, pasta, rice, lots of cheese and more. They did not want any money for this at all, they were pleased that we had place to store some of this! As they were travelling home by plane, they could not bring any of this. This was like Christmas for us! Grateful we left them, going back to Paquita to store all those things.
As we finished that job, we loosened the anchor and were ready for new adventures. We ended up at Cane Garden Bay. Stein have been in this area long time ago. He remembered a bar called "Bomba Sheck". He would like to show me that one, if we could find it. We did, and arranged for a taxi to take us there. What a place! It reminded me of the kind of cabins children use to build in the trees. in the roof, there was a lot of "stuff", like underwear, shoes, flags, licensplates and I don't know what! (see pictures st the "fotoalbum")
Yesterday we went over the hills, to visit Road Town, on the other side. We wanted to get some litterature about British Virgin islands, as well as we would visit a couple of places where Stein have been several years ago. We took a taxi, but you can not imagine the feeling, as we climbed uphill. The road is very steap and curvy. In addition to that, they were driving at the "wrong side" of the road. In the curves, they used the horn to tell " here I come"! Quite an experience.......
It was a nice town, but a lot of trafic, and "pushing" taxi drivers. We were not there for more than 2-3 hours, then we were satisfied and wanted to go back to Paquita. Well omboard we had a sundowner, before dinner. This day there were raoastbeef, potatosalad and more at the menu.
Today Stein have been doing some job on board, as I have been cleaning and baking. Our next stop will probably be The Baths, at the south end of Virgin Gordola. There is a national park with hugh boulders, nice beaches, good snorkeling possibility and nice trails to explore the area. More about that later.
Warm hugs for all of you!