Hi, there!
We are now at Barbuda, and have dropped the anchor at the most beautyful beach we have ever seen. It is called Low Bay here, at the west coast of Barbuda. The beach have a fantastic white sand, it is about 11miles long, and the ocean is azure-blue. Just absolutely stunning!
As we arrived here was four other sailboats by anchor, but by the weekend there was twelve. Now (sunday) almost everyone have left, just we and one other sailboat remains.
Ashore there is no more than a thin strip of land, that separates the sea from Codrington Lagoon. To get to the city, Codrington, you have to cross the lagoon. If you have a light dingy, you can carry it over the strip, and go to Codrington on your own. Or you can take the watertaxi over there.
We took the watertaxi, and got to know Clifford, the driver. He offered us a snorkling at a lobster-farm the next day. That was quite an experience! After the snorkling, he invited us for grilled lobster, and we enjoyed a lot! It was an experience to take part in the preparing of this fresh lobster. Clifford is an pleasant person, that knew a lot about lobstar, as well as he is able to make people feel comfortable. We had a great day to remember!
At the afternoon we took the dingy, to the Lighthouse Bay Resort, for a drink and use of their internetconnection. This is a restaurant at the norterly end of the beach. The prices there were rather high, 96 US$ for two glases of Rom-punch! The funny thing was that we earlyer the same day, had gormandized in lobster. At this restaurant, the price of lobster was 150 US$! To have dinner here, you had to reserve a day before going there. We agreed that we were more familiar to more "simple" restaurants.
Because we like it so much here, we desided to stay for the weekend. Tomorrow we are going to check out, and continue north-west. To reach British Virgin Island before the end of February, for meeting Craig and Amy from USA, we are in a hurry. But, by sailing 24 hours we are able to be there. So we agreed to go for that.
Today our plan was to take a cab, to explore the other side of this island. But it have been raining in between all day, so we had to cancel that expedition. We just relaxed on the boat, and think that we might go into town this afternoon instead.
The time is running, and it is not a long time until we have to cross the Northern Atlantic. Even if this have been "the adventure of our life", we are talking a lot abouth "home", Stigen (where we often spend weekends), family and friends. A whole year is a long time to be away, even if we have enjoyed every single day!
Hopefully we can go over at the middle of April, but the weather decides. Perhaps we have to wait until the beginning of May. Our plan is that we will be back home at the beginning of July. But, plans have been changed a lot of times during this journey, so we never know.
Have a nice week, and take care!