Hi there!
Steins visit to the dentist, at Martinique, went very well, and the reparation took only a few minutes. We were happy to be able to "delite" this point from our list.
We wanted to see more of the island, so we went to Grande Anse D'arlet. Alittle bit longer south. There we dropped the anchor, and stayed over night. It was "crowdy" there, so we sailed to Terra den Haut the next day, dropped the anchor there and stayed near a place called "the sugar-hill". A nice little bay, with a small beach. The town was just around the corner, so we took the dingy, and went there the next day again. There was a lot of boats, and a lot of tourists, but we enjoyed and spent the whole day there.
After a couple of days, we sailed to Pointe a Pitre at Guadeloupe. We had the wind stright at our nose, we were crossing, and in between we had to use the motor as well. We had made plans to go thorough the channel ( that separate the island into two). But, the channel was closed this season, because of repairing a bridge up there. If we went thorough this channel, we would come out north of Guadeloupe.
Ok, nothing to do about that. We stayed for a couple of days in that area, and then we went south again, to get around the island. We dropped the anchor in a tiny little bay in the middle of Guadeloupe island. The next morning we wanted to get up early, at 05.00, we had changed our plans. We were in a hurry, if we should be able to reach British Virgin Island for the last week of Febryary. There is a lot of places we would like to visit. Our next heading point were Antigua. At half past six this afternoon we were in English Harbour at Antigua. Yesterday vi took a hike up mountain, to Shirley Hights. This is 500 metres over sea level. We were walking along a path, that reminds me about a jungle -safari. I am deadly afraid of snakes, so I was looking for them all the way!
But, we came up there safe. What a wiew! Just amazing. I will put some pictures in the "fotoalbum". There was a band playing Stealband-music, and there was a restaurant as well.
We will stay here until tomorrow. Then we are going to explore som anchorages along the westcoast of Antigua, and after that, heading longer north. Hopefully St.Barts/ St.Martin.
We do have some grate days, collecting experiences and good memories.
Have a nice week everyone!