Hi there.
At last we were able to go further north. The weatherforecast told that the wind would change from north to north-east. That was what we had been waiting for a long time!
We have stayed here at Bequia for a long time, and were eager to go on. Even if we have been to Carriacou and Tobago keys, we would like to go further north.
After checking out, we started on our sailing. Now we would have about 24 houres before we were at Martinique. We have been waiting many days to go, so it felt good to be on our way. We were not going to St Vinsent, neigther to St Lucia, but all the way up to Martinicue. That woul be about 100 nautical miles.
At the beginning the wind was good, and we enjoyed the sailing. But, at the afternoon and night the wind turned again, and was strigth at "our nose". The wind turned to be hevyer, and the waves were bigger. It turned out to be a heavy night with a lot of movements in the boat. Around noon, thuesday, we dropped the anchor in Port de France, Martinique. After a cup of coffee and some breakfast, we went ashore to check in. Then a sight -seeing in town. a nice place, but a lot of noise, traffic and people. It have been long since we have been in a "big" city, and had almost forgot how it was. Haha.
Stein had broken a tooth, and we were searching for a dentist to got the repairings done. That was not easy, as almost none of the people here speak English! But, by using our "body-language" we managed to find a dentist. He could not do anything that day, but we were told to come back the next morning half past six. Very early, but we managed to get up and be there at the time. The dentist did not have time that day neigther, so we gave upthat one. We found anotherone by using the internet. We called him, and had an appointment today, thursday. At this moment we are sitting at the dentist-office, waiting to get in. So now I am crossing my fingers, hoping that the dentist are able to do the repairings. As I see it, we might have to visit this dentist twice.

Martinique has a lot of nice spots for dropping the anchor. We are hoping to explore some of them, but first of all we have to gett rid of that broken tooth. We use to have a look at the internet, google earth, to find nice places to drop the anchor. We think it is ok to stay in the city for a while, but it is very nice to find more quiet places as well. We have been talking about staying in this area for some days, and then go to Dominica. We are slowly mooving North as we will be in the position to cross the atlantic, to the Azores, in April.
We are hoping to meet Craig, Darrol and Jeans nephew at the end of february. He will be at Brithish Vergin Island at that time. We will see if we can reach that. We do not want to rush, as there are a lot of places we would like to wisit on our way.
The weather is very nice, the sun is shining and it is realy hot during the day.
We hope you all will have a nice weekend. Take care!