Hi there, everyone!
As Stein discovered a crack behind the keel of Paquita, as he was diving, we decided to find a slipway to get her up of the water. We were recommanded to go to Teryll Bay at Carriacou, as the people at the slip there know a lot about glasfibre boats.
We came here Tuesday, and were promissed to get ashore Thursday. We did not get up before Friday, but that was ok. Some people at this boatyard were looking at the crack, and told us not to be worried, this was just a small one. They ordered what was needed for the repairing, and the antifurling, and will start the job tomorrow (monday). We are just on a vacation, as we do not do this job ourself.
There are small things to be done, but not in a hurry. As I told you earlyer, we ar in this "manjana-mood". We were talking about it the other day, how incredible that we have been sailing for six month allready! The time is passing to fast, -help!
Stein and me are just enjoy the stay, and explore the area. Friday night we went to a restaurant that had a steelband playing. What a sound! Amazing how they were making music from oil barrels. The restaurant was to small, it got to crowdy, so people were dansing at the street as well!
Today we have not done a lot. Stein is working drafting cd's from our adventure so far. A lot of work, but he enjoy, which I am very pleased of. I have been upgrading our homepage, and have done some cleaning.
Yesterday, and today there have been raining in the morning. But later on the day, the sun went back. It is hot here, 28 degrees in the shadow, and a LOT of mosquito. I did spray some thing, that I bought here the other day, in the bedroom and closed the door. In 5 minutes there were 15 dead mosquitoes on the bed! No wonder we had a lot of bites!
Tomorrow, as they are starting to work with the boat, I know there will be a lot of dust. Were thinking about renting a bike, to take a tour to Hilsborough at the other side. It is not very far, it might take half an hour to get there. We were told that there was a lot of small shops, that sells local made things as well as other things, and a nice place to have a look. I remember that I were reading something like: "At Carriacou you can by a bottle of rum everywhere, but there are only one gas-station".
Hopefully we are on the water again at the end of the week (they are not working very quick here). We were talking about going to Tobago Keys on our way north again, but we have to decide after looking at the weatherforcast. Anyway, we are going back to Bequia for a couple of days, before heading even longer north.
Well, this will do for this time. Have a nice week, take care and enjoy the days!