We are still at Bequia, and it is lazy days enjoying eachother and the nice weather. It feels good to do what we like to do, without anyone else telling you. The temperature is very nice, and in the water there is 28 degreeds.

It is blowing almost all the time, but it feels good because of the heat. I have been washing some clothes, and the drying line is at the foredeck. Every time I look for the clothes, it is exiting if they still is there, or are they gone by the wind? We have not lost anything yet! We have been swimming and snorkling a lot. But for the last days, I have not. One day, as I looked into the water, I sow a huge ray. If that kind of "monsters" ane around the boat, -what else? I have not been into tha water since that! Haha.

Here is a lot of moorings, byt we are using the anchor. The first couple of days, we were "dragging", as the wind were strong. But, we decided to by a new anchor, called "Ruckhla", and since we replaced the old one we are staying at the same spot. This anchor is espesially good for the bottom in this area, that consists of lays of coral and sand. We are very pleased with this one.

Here is a lot of nice people, both lokal people and sailors. The other day we were invited to a party, with other sailors that lives here in Bequia, on their boat, more or less. "Bring your own "boose", and be there by eight", they said. The boat where this party should be, was an old Norwegian boat that looked like the old Norwegian coastal steamer. This boat had been used to transport people in the Nothern Norway in old times. Tjeldøy was the name of the boat, and tjeld is a Bird living at the coast in the area we are coming from. Interresting! The evening went out to be very good, and we enjoyed very much. There were even people playing guitar and ukulele, which leaded to a great atmosphere.

We have also met a Norwegian sailor, that has been living here for many years now. He has not been sailing for several years, but have been writing books from his time at sailboats and for a long time he had a workshop where he did repair diesel engines. We went to visit him an his wife, up in the hills here in Bequia. His name is Peter, but here he is known as Mr. Fixman. A very interresting guy, that we would like to meet again. We were impressed of his house, that was build in a way to avoid damage by the hurricanes.

Here in the harbor the local people have been very creative, making a "buisness" for earning some money. They are coming to your boat, offering water, diesel, laundry, bread/rolls and even fish and lobsters. In the morning you can hera a man calling: "Good morning, I am the bread-man. Du you want some fresh bread for breakfast"?

As we have been here for many days, we got to know a lot of the local people in the streets. They greet us, ask if we are ok, how we like Bequia, if we need help for anything and so on. They are very polite and helpful! Here as also a lot of cozy restaurants with good food and wines. After equipments for the boat, I think visiting restaurants will become the greater part of our budget for this vouage! Haha. But we do not care, we enjoy every single day! This is a one time experience for us! One day we plan to go for a Lobster-restaurant, that we were recommended. As we never have been eating lobster, that will be a new experince among others!

Yesterday Stein was diving under the boat, to see that everything was ok under there. He discovered a crack behind the keel. So now we have to take Paquita to a slipway, to see if we can manage repairing the damage. We are at this time working to find out what options we have for doing that. We need more than a slipway, bout tools and other equipments has to be accessible at the same place. We do have a possibility a little bit south, but we hope to find a available place north of here, as that is the direction we are going from here. Time will show, we will do whatever is necessary.

Have some nice days! You will have more news later.