Christmas at Bequia

We had a very different, but nice celebration of Christmas here at Bequia. I have to say, that I struggeled to find the "Christmas-mood"! Could it be because I misses the girls, or maybe because of the snow missing? As we prepared for Christmas, by baking, decorating and so on, the Christmascarols were on the cd -player. But it was strange anyway!

The , we got a message on the VHF, that all Norwegian sailors at Bequia was welcome to celebrate together. It started at noon, by "olympic games" at the beach, for a couple of hours. At four in the afternoon we gathered agein for dinner, at a restaurant at the beach of Prinsess Margareths Bay. More than 60 Norwegian sailors were there, for a nice afternoon with barbeque and "all inclused". We were allowed to bring Norwegian Aquavite, even if other spirits and beer were included in the price. This gathering was a nice thing to do, good food and drinks, and a lot of nice people.

At the evening we returned to Paquita to open all the presents. We got a lot of nice and useful things. After that we had a "night-cap", before we got to bed. Next day we went to the beach for snorkling. That was a new experience, I have never been doing that!

At the evening we had Norwegian Christmasham for dinner Today (wednesday) we followed Terje, a friend that have been sailing with us, to St. Vincent as he were travelling back home. We took the ferry, it took us about one hour each way. A nice tour as we could see the other side of this islant as well as St. Vincent.

As we came back, we went ot the sailboat, had somethingto eat, and then we took the jetty to the beach. We spent a couple of hours there, snorkling and talking to other sailors. Now we are back in Paquita again, soon preparing for dinner.

We enjoy staying here at Bequia. The people here are wery polite and very helpful. The weather is nice, and the food as well. We think we will be here for a while, to explore more places at this island.

Have some nice Christmas - days with your family and friends!