Now we have crossed the Atlantic ocean! One of our friends from home, came to Porto de Mogan at Canary Island, to cross the ocean with us. First we sailed to Cape Verde, that took us about a week. Then frome there, over to Bequia in Carrabien, which took us 18 days.

We had a good sailing most of the time. The wind came from behind, and we sailed "butterfly" most of the time. The weather was nice and we had a nice sailing. For a few days, there was a lot of waves. It made a challenge cooking and baking bread, but we managed. Twice we just had soup in a cup for dinner, it was not possible to make any dinner, because of the moovements! I think it was kind of scary, as huge waves came from behind, at night as it was total darkness. You just heard the waves coming, and were hoping that it would not "break", hit the boat, and fill up the cockpit with water! I have to say that I felt more comfortable as the moon were big, and lightned it all up!

Along the crossing, we talked about what we would be doing, if we were back home. I suppose we have been shuffeling snow, made fire in the woodenoven and prepairing for Christmas. We do have som traditional things, that we do every year. Such as baking for Christmas together with Veronica and Cathrine. I missed that, but we taked on the phone, and the baking went just fine, of course.

We did try the fishing on our way over. Three times we lost big doradoes, just as we were trying to get them onboard. The fourth time we managed, and had exellent dinner for three days.

After one week of sailing, we had reached 901 nautical miles nearer Bequia. Some times we had rainy weather as well. It was nice to get an opportunety for a shower at deck, to get rid of the salt you felt were covering your body. They say that salt is preserving agent, but I do not think I will get old that way!

I had heard about "squals", and now we got to experience that as well. It came at night, thunder and ligthning around the boat, we had to cover our ears because of the thundes that were incredible loud. A lot of rain and wind as well. I have to tell that I got frigthned, but we managed, and after a couple of hours it was gone!

The last days of the sailing, before we came here, there was less winds, so we had to start the engine. We entered princess Margareths Bay the of December, 11 am local time. Can you believe this? I had to pinch myself to understand that we had made it all the way here, by sailing our rather small sailboat all the way from up north nearby the Arctic circle! I am very proud, and I allow myself to say so! This will be something to tell our grandchildren!

We are going to stay here at Bequia until New year. The people here are very friendly and helpful. We enjoy staying here. Yesterday night I made a couple of doughs, so today I will bake three kinds of Traditional Christmas-cookies from home. After beeing here, we will explore others of the Carribean Islands. We are looking forward to stay in the area for a while. We will tell you about that next time.

We will wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!