Cape Verde

We have now been her at Cape Verde for two days. Here are a lot to experience, and we would like to stay her longer. But, if we are ment to reach Carrebbian before Christmas, we better go on. Stein and Terje have been cheking the boat, and now we just have to put "things" at their place, so that we are going to have a safe sailing "over".

We have experienced the lokal people, food, beer and music. So in a few days we have an impression of what Cape Verde is like. We can see that they do have a lot of "crime" here. In the stores you are followed by guards, an at the street you better take care of your moneypocket. We have met several people begging for money, clothes, shoes etc.

Outside the marina, there are youths everyday, offering you help carry things to the boat, throw away your litter, washing jobs and so on. In that way they are able to earn some Escudos (the current here). This current is not possible to use anywhere else, just on the island. There are problems using Mastercard and Visa as well. If you are going here, we suggest that you bring some "cash". Euro is accepted here and the most of the islands in the Carrabeen.

There are no washingmashine in the marina, so we went to the local laundry to have that job done. As we walked there, we had to go through the local marked. There the people were sitting in the streets offering vegetables, fruits, fish etc for sale. A very especial atmosphere at this place! People wer talking with "all their boby", and you can say that there was not a problem hearing them!

Last night we went to a local restaurant, Club Nautico. Here we had a good time, getting to know the local food, beer and great music. The place had no roof, so the moon were lightening up the area. Here was local people, as well as sailors. The age of the visitors were from 2 - 90! All having a great time.Just have to recommand you to go there, if you are visiting this island.

Now I am going to take part of the last preparings before leaving. We hope to celebrate Christmas at Bequie in the Carrabbeen. We do not sail very fast, so we better be going now, to reach the other side in time.

The sailing "over" will take us about 3 weeks. If we do not have any internet -connection as we arrive, we will like to wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Next time you will read about the sailing for 3 weeks, starting today. Ship o'hoy!