Hi there.

Now we are getting ready to go "over"! Tomorrow it is monday, and we are leaving Puerto Mogan.

Our plan is to go by Cape Verde, and then over to Caribbean. It will take about a week to Cape Verde, and then about 3 weeks to reach the Caribbean. There has been a lot of work, preparing for the trip over. 

The boat is full loaded with food, water, diesel and a lot of other things. Almost sinking! No, I' m just joking. It is still floating.

We have been looking at the weatherforcast, and it seems good to get to Cape Verde. A friend of Stein came Wednesday, he will be on board until the of December. Good to be 3 on the way "over". We enjoy the compagny, and think this will be a good "oversea"! I have never been that long at the ocean, and hope everything will be ok. 4 weeks on the boat is a long time!

As we arrive Carabbean it is almost Christmas. It is strange to think of, that we are not going to celebrate with our family! I wonder how that will feel?

We do not knoe if we do have any connection to internet at Cape Verde, but if there are I will write a few words. Otherwise there will be no writing before we are at the other side.

In that case, we will wich you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS, AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Big, warm hugs!