Hello all of you! I am sorry that I have not been writing in English for a while. The intenetconnection is not very good from time to time. It is a big different from one marina to the next. We often have to go up in the marinas to get connection. We have been talking about getting an antenna at the boat, to get better signals. Perhaps we can find one on our way. But now you get the latest "happenings". From Porto Santo we sailed to Quenta do Lorde. A very nice marina, that was going to be a part of a resortcomplex. There were a lot of nice houses, that was ment to rent out. But so far there was not a single person to see at these apartements! I was like a "ghost village". In the evenings all windows were dark, and the only people that were there was sailors. I hope they can manage to rent out the apartements, it w realy a nice place. We wanted to travel around in the area, ant that was not easy, from Quenta do Lorde. This was kind of out of the way place. Therefor we desided to move to Funchal if possible. We had heard that the marina there was full, but we wanted to go there, to give it a try. We took the bus in there and walked stright to the marina office. No, they were sorry, but had no place for our boat, the marina was full. But as we stood there a man working in the marina came to the office, to report that now there was one place accessible! Very lucky for us, that we were there exactly at that moment! The next day we sailed to Funchal, and had som exiting days there. Just before we entered the marina in Funchal, we heard a terrible noise under the boat! Oh, no, not more fishingequipment, was my first thought. First that noise, and then the engine stopped! Stein told me to take the stearing, and sail out agein, if possible. In the meentime he went down into the boat, shecking the engine. What was wrong? He found out that the strap for the "coolingwater engine" was broken. Fortunately we had a new one, and in 10 minutes, Stein had made it work again. I am so glad that he is such an "handy man"! Funchal was a much better starting point for our dayli adventures, as all transportation was avaliable here. We took several lokal busses, that gave us an idea of how the real life for the people living here was like. The roads were narrow, a lot of curves and it was steap up the hills. It was quite an adventure, belive me! As that was not enough, the driver seems to have stolen both the bus and the fuel! At every curve, he just hooted the horn, and continued in the same speed. Amazing! Upin the hills, there was a lot more luxuriant, then in Funchal. Up there youcould see they were growing grapes, bananas, vegetables and hurbs. And a lot of beautyful flowers. Flowers that I am used to see in flowerpots at home, is like trees here. Beween Quenta do Lorde and Funchal, they have build the strangest airport I have ever seen. It was like a pir on poles, nearby the sea. On top of this they have made landings place for the plains. It looked very strange. The road to the airport, was exactly where the planes came in for landing. I just can imagine the feeling of a plane almost landing on the roof of your car! Another day we took the cablacar up to the mountains. What a wiew! It was a nice weather, and we had a lovely day up there. From old times, before the cars, they used sledges to get down to Funchal, bout summer- and wintertime. Some mens were experts manoeuvering these sledges downhill in narrow streets. These sledgetours was a tradition, and were now like a touristattraction. Stein were very eager, that we should try this sledging. But I was anxious, and would not do that. He said that it was not dangerous, and that this would be a once in your life time experience. After a while, looking at others, I desided to take the challenge. It was quite an experience, and I do not regret, even if it was scary! We were also walking around in the "old" part of Funchal. It was nice to experience the smell, sounds and atmosphere. Old ladies, dressed in black,sitting outside their doorstep, just looking at people. The men that was "hanging" on the corner, having a beer or a cigarette. Children playing, the roosters crow and the lizard on the wall, taking a nap in the heat. We found a small outside restaurant, there was only three tables. Took a glas of white wine, and just experienced the atmosphere! As I mentioned at the beginning, there was a lot of boats in the marina. We got a place nearby some youth, that did party a lot. But they were staying just a couple of days, so we tryed not to care much about that. We meet a lot of nice people all the time, so sometimes we know that we have to disregard episodes. I had a birthday at the time we were in Funchal, and one evening we went out fir dinner with some sailing friends. That became a great evining among all the others. We had for a couple of days ago started to think about leaving Funchal. We had been there for almost a week, and a lot of sailors, going the same way as we, were allready gone. Our next stop woul be Tenerife. As we started from Funchal, Stein found out that the pump for the toilet, did not work. Here we go again! Stein had to do another reperation, but he managed in an hour or so, and things were working again. Now I think we need a breake, from this kind of challenges. But this is an old boat, so I think we have to include reperations from time to time. It was a beautiful day, so I laid on the deck for a couple of houers, just enjoying the sun. After a while I felt some raindrops. I could see there was more coming, so I went to the cockpit, to save things from beeing wet. Stein was taking a nap, as his watch was over. I did now have a possibility to have a nice shower, so I grabbed a towel, and enjoyed "the natural rainshower". It was just wonderful! We are training on reducing the water consum, so this suited me well. Stein surprised me by making waffels this afternoon, so you might understand that we have great days onboard. The wind increased, and we had a good sailing until we arrived Santa Crus at midnight. we ahve been reading a lot about how strict the check -in and customs are. But, that is not correct. We have only experiensed the oposite. Just nice people everywhere. In town we found a couple of shops for sailing -equipment, and we bought another genoa-pole. We also got help to send a sail to Las Palmas to cut i a bit. It was to long, so the waves came into the sail. We took a bus uphill, to see a place called La Trinidad. Not a nice place, so we retuned to Santa Cruz after a short stop there. Another day we went to the other side of the island, to Porto de la Cruz. That was a nice place, a lot of flowers and trees, nice beach and even a zoo, that we visited. We are still searching for different things for the boat, but it is not easy to explain what you want as we do not speak Spanish. And a lot of people in Santa Cruz do not speak English. Therefore we have been using the google translation a lot. That has been a good help as well as google earth, to find different places. Stein has been working at the top of the mast, to install a LED light. Then we reduce the use of electrisity at that point, about 90%. As you can see, I am learning a lot of things, all the way! We have been talking with family at home, and there is allready winter! They have been scraping ice from the cars several times. I am so glad that we do not have to think about changing tyres, shuffeling snow and all that kind of things! Soon we are sailing to Grand Canary, to pick up the sail in Las Palmas. We are going to sail around there for some days, just to enjoy the "summer", and still becom tourists. Have a nice weekend, all of you. Light i candle or two, have a glas of good wine, and enjoy the days and eachother.