From Nazare to Porto Santo

Hi there. We are now at Porto Santo, a small island a little bit north of Madeira. We started from Nazare wendesday morning, and arrived here monday morning, at 6 am. The sailing here became a voyage with a lot of movements. Before we started there had been lowpreasures out in the osean. The sea was not calmed down, so ther was a lot of waves and enough wind! Just out of Nazare, there were three small islands. We decided to sail on the outside of them, to see how it was there. We could not go wery near, because of the streams, wind and waves. The cliffs were very steap and the breakers worked hard ageinst shore. It was facinating, just watching this. Because of the rough sea, ther also was a lot of movements in the boat. It became a challenge to move downstairs. Cooking became as easy as possible, and dinner was soup or fast-food pasta and things like that. I had an accident, as I should heat water. A wave came, the water gushed out of the kettle. Som of the water did hit my thigh, and that was a scary experience! Luckily we had a couple of icebags, so that I were able to cool it down, - quickly. Anyway, the blisters could not be avoided, so now I feel that a lot of time goes to dry up those, rinse and do what is possible to prevent infections. After this episode, Stein has been the one taking care of the coofeewater. As it was still dark the time we approched Porto Santo, we dropped the anchor outside the mole and waited for the daylight. Stein thougth there was something wrong with the gear. He said he better have a look at it. Today Stein removed the handle for the gear, trying to find out what was wrong. He is at the moment doing the last finish. It has been some hours of work for him. Everything os so hard to get to, iin small thight places almost impossible to get through. Hopefully it is working ok now. As we came here, we were the only Norwegians! But the same evening there came a Norwegian sailingboat, and today another one. It felt good to see their Norwegian flags. As Stein have been working on the gear, it is quite a "mess" downstairs. We will now do some cleaning of the boat and clothes and get some supplies. Then we will look at the weatherforcast, to find out when to go further. Next stop i s Madeira, where we hope to stay for some days to look around. What we have read about Madeira, it seems like a nice place to stay for a while. The weather is very nice. The sun is shining, and there are a little wind as well from east. It could be a good wind to sail to Madeira, but I do not think we are ready to go today. Ok, enough for this time. Have a nice week, and take care!