We are still in Nazare, and just enjoy the "summer". The weather is still very nice, but today there have been a lot of wind. It seems like the lowpressure far out in the ocean, is moving here. We are following the weatherforcast twice a day, and it says that the wind is getting worst tomorrow. We will see, we are staying here anyway until the low pressure is gone.

Today we took the track up to the mountain. There was a nice willage, with small white painted houses and narrow streets. The cliffs/rocks were very steap, and we could look stright down on the waves. From there we saw that the ocean was a lot more in movement than earlyer. There was a lot of white "toppings"!

Now we are back in the boat, having a glas of wine. Stein has decided that there will not be more red wine, only white, because of all the red spots that the red one have made. He is just joking, but if we don't remove, if any red spots, at once, it is hard to get rid of them. 

I have made the dough for bread, and I better take care of it, before it is  all over the bench!

As you can see, everything is fine here, and we just enjoy every day. Have a nice weekend!