Now we have left Leixios. We got up early, to have an early start. But, there was a lot of fog, so we decided to wait for a while. Hopefully it would be better sight in a couple of hours. It turned out to be better, so we started. The fog was dense from time to time, but we do have good aids (ais, radar, computer), so it was not a big problem. At the beginning the wind was at "our nose", so the Janmar (motor) took the job to carry us further. After a while the wind turned a little bit, and we could sail. The wind was nice and we did 5 knots.
We had some nice days i Leixios. Walking around in small, tight streets, had dinner inn cosy restaurants, talked to other sailors, and enjoyed eachothers compagny. Here seems to be long beaches all the way along the coast, just beautiful. We got the new blades to the windgenerator, and it seems to work perfect. We are wery happy to have them in operation again, because the old onde made a lot of noise. We had a lot of humidity in the foreward cabin. So we went to IKEA in Leixios, and bought new matresses. Hopefully we will not have a lot of that in the feature. But in the evenings here are a lot of humidity, so we do start the heater for an hour or two, to dry up a little.
Now we are on our way to Aveiro. We will arrive there in about 4 hours. The plan is to stay there for a day or two as it seems to be a nice place. After that we are planning to go to Nasare. That seems to be a nice place as well, and other sailors have recommanded us to have a visit there. Then, we think we are as far south, that Madeira will be an good idea, when the wind is good for sailing over there. We are bouth exited to go Madeira, as it seems to be a beautiful place, from what we have been reading about this Island. Hopefully we will stay there for a week or so. 
Today is our anniversary! Stein did forget, and was not very convenient as I told him! Haha, isn't that a typical mens syndrome?Yesterday I did some shopping for tonighs dinner, that will be beef, good vegetables and wine. I also have a blottle of good Champagne stored in the cooler, but that will be a surprise! Of course we could have dinner at a restaurant, but as we are on this adventure, it feels right to celebrate, just the two of us, on our boat. I think that will be very nice!A romantic evening with candles, good food, wine and compagny of the one you care for, could it be better?Ok, we wich you all a wonderful upcoming week. Take care!