From La Corina in Spain to Leixios in Portugal.

We left La Coruna on Thuesday morning. The weatherforecast looked to be good for our further journey, so we decided to continue. Frist we takles about going to Vigo in Spain, but as the wind turens out to be very good,ve Channel our minus, and decided to gofurther, to leixios, or Marina Atlantic as it also is called.

At the beginning there was not a lot of wind, but we enjoyed the nice weather. After a while there was coming more wind, andene had to reduser the sails. The wind because stronger and stronger, so we had to take down all the sail and just seil by the mast. There was a lot of wind from behind, so even without sails we reached 6-7 knots! This was a lot mor heavy weather than the weatherforecast had said! But we were just glad that the wind was with us, and not ageinst.

The reaksjon why we choosed to take doen the sails, was that we did not want to approach Leixios in the middle of the night, we had calculated to go in there in the morning. As you know, we had some bad experiences with "fishingequipment", and we did not want to repet thatI thinking was scary, with that big waves coming from behind, like dark shadow in the dark. Was it going to brekk befor reaching the boat. The adrenaline was pumping hard and wild, to much exitement, was my thougth!

I could see a huge wawe coming, but to late, it was not possible to get away. We got a lot of water into the cockpit, and even down in the boat.I was soaking wet, and so was Stein too. I asked Stein how big he thought these wawes  were, and he said: no more than about 4-5 meters. Too big for me,you understand!

We arrived Leixios around 10, visited the Marina office, and then we slept for 4houres, -exhousted! But that was yesterday. Today is a new day, and new opportuneties. We are going ato town for a while, and then we do have a appoi tent of delivering  the new blades for the windgenerator.The weather is beautiful, and this is going to be a wonderful day among many others. Have a nice day!

Corrryn, we were talking about Tony yesterday, if he had arrived the Asores! We could see at the weatherforecast that he must have had a heavy journey. We are so glad to heta that everything is ok with bouth of you. Big warm hugs from us