Now we are in Spain

We arrived La Courona in Spain monday night. We dropped the anchor in a bay, oposite bay of La Corona. We would not go into the harbour by nigth, there was a lot of fishing-equipment  in this area as well. We came in here the next morning. It tok us about four and a half day from Kinsale in Irland. Nice wind for sailing the frist day. A couple of the next days, there wEre almost no wind, and we had to use the engine as well. Then, the last part, the Sea got rough, and the boat was jumping up and don all the way. Our sleeping-time was not good, but we managed.

The autopilot would not work any more, but we had the windsteering and that one did a great job. We would have been exhousted, if we had to steer all the way. A lot of waves, coming from all directions, made it difficult to moove around on board. I am wery happy for the handles that Stein had made before we left home. 

The cooking was a challenge, as the Sea was that rough. But we had some "easy food", so it was not a huge problem. 

We had a lot of visitors all the way, crossing the Biscaya. A lot of dolphins along the boat, all the way. It vas fun looking at them, as they were playing around.

The weather is very nice, good that we could have more of the summer. We are now takling a walk into town, ant then we wilhave a look at what will do next. We would like to have a solar panel and News batteries, so we are going to look at that. Have a greatweek,-we will!