Latest News:

Fortunately this episode about the fishing equipment in the propeller turn out very good.We had to have the boat placed along a wall build with bricks, and wait for the tide. In that way it was possible to get to the propeller, or else we had to lift the boat ashore. There was still some ropes and parts of the hard plastic buoy stucked. Stein had to take off the propeller, to get to this things. If you like, you can see pictures in the "fotoalbum", at this homepage.

Stein did put on the propeller again, but was a bit concerned. He was not sure that this would be all. What about the reverse (gearing), and the motor? This accident had to be hard for this parts to manage.There was nothing else to do, than wait for the tide again to try to start the engine. I was very worried that he might had right. In the middle of the night, the tide had made the boat floating, and we could start the engine. No problem! HURRA! What about the gear? Stein was worried, but had to try to go bouth forwards and backwards. Luckely it seems ok there as well! YES! "Someone" did listen to my prayers!

Was it possible that "this was all"? It seems like that was so!Grateful, we went back tu our place at the pier, tired and reliefed at the same time.Now we just have to do a test, in the harbour, before we are going further. I am still crossing my fingers, hoping for everything to be ok.Hopefully we are on our way again in a couple of days.We have to take a look at the weatherforecast, hopefully for serveral days, before we decide.

Then we will cross the Biscaya. In that case you will not have any "news" before we reach the coast of Spain. Take care, and have a nicee week!