Dear all of you.

We are now in Kinsale, but did not arrive as we ment to. Just before we came to this place, we heard a big "BANG" under the boat! We were stucked to something, and the engine stopped immediately. What happened? My heart was beating more than ever, and we were bouth wondering what this was. Was the engine distroyed? The weather was bad, a lot of wind an huge waves (for us). At the beginning we were dragging a bit, and I was afraid we would reach the rocks in front of us. But, fortunately we were stucked. Stein took on the surviving-suite, climbed down the ladder, trying to find out what was wrong. We were stucked in some fishing- equipment! Coryn and Tony, you did worn us about this!   Because of the wind and the huge waves, it was not possible to cut the rope, from this "thing". We had nothing else to do than calling the coastguard for assistanse. They came after a few minutes, to help us. Because of the weather, they could not eighter cut us loose. There was nothing else to do than to tow us in to Kinsale harbor. The whole fishing-equipment was dragging under the boat all the way in!The guys were incredible helpful. They did cut the most of the ropes that were stucked by the propeller, but there are still something there. The gear is not working as it should. We can go forward, but not revers. We have now been takling to the manager of the harbor, and are allowed to have the boat longside the "wall" of the harbor. Now we are waiting for the tide to fall, so that we can look at the damage. We are worried there are more than one thing to repair, before we can go on,-if we can! We are just crossing our fingers.We will let you know as soon as we find out what the damage is like.