We know that we have friends and family from other contries, who are following our HomePage. We will like to dedicate som words for them as well, from time to time.We started from Oban earyly this morning, and are now anchoring in a small bay on the top of Gigha. We had a very exiting sailing, 11,5 knots by the tide! Iiihhaaaaa!! A lot of streams. We are glad it was going the same way as we were.
Today it was a beautiful day, the sun var shining and we enjoyed be "on our way". There are now about 45 miles to reach the coast of Ireland. We think that we will be able to that tomorrow, if we cooperate with the tide! Then we have to get up early tomorrow morning. Of course we will rather do that, than work against the tide. That is almost impossible.If we make a stop in Dublin, we will meet some friends from home, who are there for vacation.
Today Stein was making dinner. I just sat in the cockpit, enjoyed the silence and reading a good book.Later on we had a "ceremony", to run up the streamer, and celebrate our membership in the SSCA. For you that never have heard about this, I can tell that this letters are for Seven Seas Cruising Assosiation. This is an assosiation witch offers different kinds of benefits for members/sailors. Thank you Priscilla, who is sailing "Nomad", for giving us your streamer and telling us about this assosiation, in supplement of good advices for our journey. We also apriciate Mary Ann's good advices about how to keep fresh food as fresh as possible at long distances. I will like to e-Mail you, to get more information about that. In our fridge we do have something that you gave us, for an special occasion. Thank you so much, you are bouth great. We hope to meet you again.
Tanks to Priscilla, we also had the pleasure to meet John and Susan (friends of her),that also have been sailing for a long time.  Their sailboat is called "Ellan Vanin". After a nice dinner at the fish restaurant in Oban, they invited us on board to give us a lot of good information about sailing along the Irish east coast. We were so pleased to meet you as well.
And then we have to tell you about Coryn and Tony from Canada. They are sailing "Taonui". I do not know where to start, but they are just amazing! Frist we met them in Inverness, and later serverals times all the way to Oban. They hav been sailing "all over the world", and was like an "referece book", when it comes to sailing. They spread their wings around us, and we felt that we could ask them about everything! Tanks to them for beeing so patient, and for giving us advices, boks and the "windscoop", for using in the Carribean. Thank you for all the things you have done for us, you are unique!
These people we have met so far, have made our journey to a much more pleasant adventure than we could ever expect. We are very grateful!Jean and Darrol, Jo and Birch and Dorothy, - we know that you are following our journey. And we are very pleased to hear from you from time to time as well. It is so nice of you, Jean, to share our e - mails with all of "the others over there". Thank you so much. I know this make you busy from time to time. Love you! Please give Dorothy a big, varm hug from me.
Now Stein are ready for a cozy evening. He has made fire at the oven, filled up a glas of wine, and I am invited for a romantic evening. So you better understand that I am rushing to complete this enclosure! More later. Take care, love you all!