Dear all of you!

I thought I better write some words in English as well, as I know you are following our voyageSmiler stort. How nice of you! Dorothy, what a nice picture I got from Jo, as you were redning our homepage. Love you! Jean, thank you for sharing this with the others. 

We are now a littlebit south of Florø, on our way to Bergen. We are working shifts, and are hoping to arrive Bergen early tomorrow morning. The sky is grey, but it is not raining. We are hoping to see the sun from time to time, but the summer has been realy bad this year. But, we have hope for sun and a better temperature longer southSmiler stort

After Bergen, we are going to Shetland. Before we leave Norway, we have to be awere the weatherforcoast, to make sure the wind is in the right direction. You will have more information later on. Take care, and a big, varm hug for all of you.