Soon we are home again

As we passed the Southern part of Shetland, we were heading directly to Norway. The weather was nice, and we were eager to continue. It was no problems, as we took watches and we slept well. Else we wanted to exploit the nice weather. You never know, how long it will last!


As we passed the "0 - meredian", the skipper wondered if this was a reason for celebrating? It became as the skipper wanted, we had a small drink, to celebrate the crossing.

The diesel tanker onboard is just a small one, so we have a lot of cans on deck. As there often are waves, it is not the best conditions for carrying heavy cans from the deck to cockpit. Stein made a long tube, with a pump. In that way we are able to fill up fuel easyer. I am very found of having such a handyman onboard.


We passed the first English platforms at 16.00, and at 19.47 we crossed over to the Norwegian sector! It felt good to know that we now are back in "good old Norway", even if we did not see anything else than sea than platforms. At most I could count 19 plattforms, everywhere around. It was like they were just spread all around. I did not know that they were so close!


Now we are dreaming about arriving the marina at Nesna, with all the flags high up into the rig. It is amazing that it is 13 months since we left, for our adventure. An amazing journey!
I think it will be hard to get back to work, and stressful days. Job, meetings, housework and so on, after such a long time onboard! It feels good to decide on your own, how you will spend your time.
After a certain time with "different lifestyle", you get another perspective on things. I keep thinking about, that things I thought were very important earlyer, is not that important anymore. Small things and good experiences is more important in my life from now on.


Our last distance, from Kinsale in Irland and back home to Nesna, is about 1300 nautical miles. First we are heading for Smøla. From there, to Nesna it will take one and a half day. It is amost unbelieveble, that we soon will be home.

We are planning to reach Nesna in the afternoon, sunday the af August, and are hoping a few of friends/family will be there. But, we know that several of them are on vacation, so it is not very easy to arrange. Anyway, we are looking forward to meet all of them, not to mention our grandchild Julie, Amanda and Ida.

As we have been "out" for such a long time, seeing a lot of places, we now are very awere of the beautyful area we are living in. So now we are going to spend time exploring nice anchorings, wonderful sunsets and eachother in a "nearer" area!

Sunday the of August, at 17.00, we are arriving the marina at Nesna, our homeport!