Stian came onboard Sunday, and we picked him up at the bus terminal. Ten minutes past seven, we were on board. After a short briefing, we were on our way again twenty minutes later. We were now sailing directly up to Barra, at the Hebrides. On the way, we were going watches. In addition, cooking and baking were my job. We agreed, that Stein and Stian should take care of the dishes. Stein are not very pleased by working in the "kitchen-deparement", and the dishing was like a night mare for him. First of all, there were a lot of movements in the boat, and second, there is not a lot of space. Everything has its own place to be stored, and that is a challenge for Stein. I could tell, by looking at his "body-language", that he was not comfortable with the situation! But, I did not say anything! After a short time I could hear him swear, as he were struggeling. As we talked about it later on, I offered to take care of the next dish, a hugh relief for Stein. In stead he made some delicious waffles, the next day!
Wednesday, early morning, we arrived Castle Bay. It was raining and there was a lot of fog. I were on watch as vi arrived, and were looking, continuous, for fishing equipment in the water. There was some, so I am glad I was able to see them. I was changing cours, and had to reduce sail, or else the crew would fall out of their beds. I am sure that would not be very popular!
We all slept for a while, before exploring Castle Bay. Stian were travelling back home the next day, so we spent some time at internet, to arrange that as well.
We followed Stian to the bus Thursday morning, and went back to Paquita after that. Now we were sailing to Stornoway at the Hebrides. Is was raining and a "grey day", it became a bit motor and some sailing. We arrived Stornoway at eigth in the morning, the next day.
That little harbour was filled up, and we asked if we could lay longside a fishingboat. We were allowed, and fastened the ropes. At the same afternoon the skipper onboard that fishingboat offered us a lot of small lobsters (langustinis?). We had a great lunch the next day. The weatherforcast was bad, to much wind for us, so we decided to stay until sunday morning. So did all the fishingboats, that was arriving that day, as well.
Saturday morning I got permission to go shopping on my own. I had found a store filled up with knitting equipment, ribbons, buttons and a lot of things for them who likes to "make" things. This was like a candy-store to me, and I left this store with a bag filled up of things I just "had to have". After that I went to the butcher, to buy som fresh meat, for the next couple of days.
At two o'clock there would be a parade in the street. There was a Faire, and a Carneval going on. The skipper and I took place by the mainstreet, to have a look. It was great, and we had a good laugther several times, looking at the paroles and dresses. (have a look at the "Fotoalbum")
In the afternoon we filled up with water and diesel, ready to start further on, early next morning. At 7 we were on our way again. The wind was from behind, about 24 knots wind, and we had a good speed, sailing. At the North of Scottland, the wawes were breaking. We managed 102 Nm in 17 hours. Not bad for our boat!
Monday, we were still sailing. The wind disappeared after a while, and the motor was running. We were following the tide-scedual (closely), and so far with good luck, thinking of sailing. As we sailed by the Orcnays and Fair Isle, the weather was unstable. A lot of changes and a lot of streams.
In the log, Stein has written: I love you Yanmar, big hug for Yanmar and so on. If I did not know that "Yanmar" is the motor, I think I would be jealous, Haha!
In about seven hours we will reach Lerwick at Shetland. The weatherforcast will be shecked, before we deside if we make a stop here, or go on directly to the Norwegian coast. We are starting to be short in time, because I have to be ready for work at the of August. We will see.