We have been back home

It was very nice to be back home again, even if this was not the way it was ment to be. Paquita had to stay in Kinsale, but we were hoping to go back for her very soon. From Bodø, we travelled by the "Hurtigruten" south to Nesna.
At the ferry-terminal, good friends met us, all dressed up like doctors. White coats, stethoscope, fluid "antibiotics" ready to inject. They had even brought a wooden leg, (made of teak) and started messuring the length right away. Belive me, there were a lot of laughing and applause from other passangers, standin on the deck, watching this "performance". After that, Stein were brougth by "ambulance" home to some of this friends, for barbequing and a very nice afternoon. Rest of the weekend, we spent by meeting family and friends. We had a lot to talk about, since there was a long time since we met.

Monday a good friend of ours brought us to our house at Stigen. Since we did not have any boat, he offered us to bring us there. We were hoping to have some nice days up there, - and we did.
We enjoyed beeing back at the island, and could not wait to get the boat ready for fishing. We do have a small motor- boat, that we use for fishing and so on. We have been missing the delicious fish, that we are used to, and were very eager to have some of that. As well as we would like to make fish- cakes!
The days were passing by, and we enjoyed fishing, baking, picking wild berries and of couse having friends visiting. We were realy on VACATION! The weather was not very nice, but there were a couple of days of sun.

After beeing home for some weeks, Steins leg were almost healed. We were talking about going back for Paquita every day. After visiting the doctor back home, we got permission to get back to Kinsale, Irland, to sail Paquita home. The next day tickets were ordered, and we were ready to go.
It became a long travel, as planes were delayed, and even one of the planes were canselled. We reached Kinsale at 1.30 am, thursday the of July. After some hours of sleep, we started preparing for sailing North. Paquita were filled up with water, diesel and provisions. The people in the yacht club are very nice. As we came back they were asking about Steins leg, how it was working, and so on. And they were incredible helpful in all ways.

By noon, friday, we were on our way. Our plan was to sail the West coast of Ireland, as we have "done" the Irish sea on our way south. First of all we would sail to Galway, to days of sailing, to pick up Stian, one of Stein's sons. He would become the new "crew-member" for some days.
On the way up there, we felt some vibrations in the cockpit area, and thought that could be something wrong with the propellar. We decided to drop the ancor in a bay called Sherwich, to check it out.
I did put on a water-proof dressing at Stein's leg, before he dressed in the survival-dress. The water was very cold, and he could not stand getting into the water in a shorts. This dress had a lot of air inside, so Stein could not manage to swim under the boat. What a sight! He was floating like a buoy. Lucky for us that he did not get under the boat, and that the dress was not filled with air in the legs! If that happened, he would be standing up-side- down into the water.
Stein climbed onboard again, there was only one way of doing this "examination". He had to put on the shorts, even if it was freezing cold! Now he were able to get under the boat, and the reason of the vibrations were that there was a lot of shells at the propellar. He managed to scrape them loose, by using a knife. After a warm shower, we were on our way again, heading for Galway.