Travelling back home.

Steins leg need some weeks to get healed. The doctor at the hospital here in Cork, did not recomand any sailing, until the healing is done.
So, we have decided to travel back home, stay there for some weeks, and then return to Kinsale again, for sailing Paquita back home.
We are flying from Dublin to Bodø, then travel by the coaster south to Nesna, and will arrive there friday.
This was not our original plan for heading back home, but the health have first priority, that is for sure. What comes after that, we will deal with there and then.
We are looking forward to meet family and friends, and of course we hope that we are able to spend most of the time at our house at Stigen. We enjoy very much beeing there. I might even go fishing as well! To be honest, we miss the "Norwegian" fish- dinners.
Ok, that's all for now. Have a nice weekend!