As we arrived Horta at the Azores, I travelled back home to greet my first grandchild. Stein's brother in law, Frank, was coming to sail with Stein to Ireland.
Frank arrived, and now they were just waiting for the wins to blow "their way". But there turned out to be several days in Horta, before they could sail further north.
At last they were on their way, happy to be on their way. At the beginning they were motoring, and suddenly ther was a strange sound from the motor, and it stopped. Here is an summary, that came to me by the

Thuesday 28/5 - we have now started from Horta. Ther are a lot of "shit" in the diesel, ans one of the nozzle to the combustion chamber doesn't work. We have to return to Horta.

Wednesday 29/5 - The septic is overfloated! Whar kind of a job, -ush! My foot is hurting, think I have to go to the hospital. (he stayed there overnight for medications.

Thursday 30/5: New round by the septic! New nozzles are installed. Dieseltanks are cleaned. We are starting again tonight.
Made a hole to air-went the engine. One of the watertanks are leaking, and there are water everywhere. What is happening?!

Friday 31/5: Pos 40.20 N, 27,15 W. We are crossing our fingers for no more problems.

Saturday 1/6: Pos. 42.0 N, 25.4 W. There are a ugly noise from the starting engine. It does not work anymore! Are we cursed, or what is this all about?

Sunday 2/6: Pos. 43.20 N, 23.10 W. The starting motor is broken into two pieces. The wire for the main sail is dissappeared up into the mast. We are not expecting anything more, now! We will try to drill holes into the starting engine and saw it with a string, and cast by epoxy. It might work!

Monday 3/6 : Pos. 44.37 N, 22.32 W. We have been sailing until now, but the wind will be gone, so the starting motor has to work! The average speed has now been 6 nots. Nice wind! We are hoping to reach Ireland during the weekend. Come soon! Ps. Have you any wine stored in a smart place?

So you can see, the challenges has been there for the sailors! As they approched Ireland, they were boarded by the Coustoms. As they came onboard, they could see Stein bad leg, that was swelling, red, hot and infecter. They forgot what they were there for, and offered to bring Stein to the doctor by their "rib" in a hurry. The doctor sendt him for the hospital in Cork, Nd he has now been there for almost a week. The leg were badly infected, and he is getting two kinds of penicillin, four times a day, intravenous. He is slowly recovering, and the doctor say that he might be able to get back to Paquita, late next week. I am crossing my fingers hoping for that.
I came onboard last sunday, with a new starting motor, ordered from Holland. Now there is enough of that bad luck.....