Home for a while

The of May I was back home, to greet my first grandchild. The little princess was born the next day, and I am very grateful that this turned out just fine. I must be the most lucky grandma in the world. She is perfect!

I left Stein and Paquita at Horta (Azores), after a long sail over the Atlantic Ocean. It took us 28 days to get there, from Nothern part of Virgin Gorda. Most of the time, the wind were stright on our nose. So, we can tell that this days were a challenge. A lot of movements in the boat most of the time, made it difficult to "live" onboard. Every day we followed the weatherforcast, hoping for better wind "our way", but we got disappointed every time. It didn't work out for us, the wind seemed to be like this "forever".

The day after I travelled home, Steins brother in law, Frank, came onboard. He were there to sail with Stein all the way up to Ireland. They were waiting several days at Horta, for the wind to calm down, and after almost a week they started sailing north. After two days of sailing, the starting engine for the motor stopped. As there, in a couple of days, would be no wind, there were nothing else to do than return back to Horta to get the motor to work again. The reason for this problem, was that the diesel were not clean enough, and one of the nozzles for the combustion chamber for the fuel were broken. When his reparation were done, they started North for the second time.

But, - there were more coming up. After a couple of days, the starting engine for the motor didn't work. Not a chance to get the engine to work. In addition to this, the "wire" for the main sail disappeared up the mast. Today they have been sailing for fuor days, and I hope there are no more problems. I guess they will be in Ireland in a week or so, and I am working to get a new starting motor to be delivered as they arrive. At that time, I will get to Ireland to get on the boat rest of the distance, to get back home. The plan is to reach the coast of our "home-area" in the middle of July.
At this moment I am crossing my fingers, hoping for fair winds and no more problems!