Dear all of you.
We have now decided that we are leaving Virgin gorda tomorrow, and are heading agenst Bermuda. If the direction of the wind is turning, on our way there, make it easyer to reach the Azores, we will go directly. But, as it seems today, we will go to Bermuda, have a couple of days there, and then go to the Azores.
We will follow the weatherforcast as we are sailing, so we will see how it will be.
We have enough water, food and diesel to go all the way to the Azores, so we are well prepared.
If we go all the way, there will not be any writing at our homepage for 3-4 weeks. But if there will be a stop at Bermuda, we will let you know.
So, have a great upcoming week, and take care of eachother.
Big, warm hug for all of you.