We are still at Saba Rock, at the north end of Virgin Gorda. This is a good starting point for our Crossing over the Atlantic. We are using the days to prepaire for this sailing. Food, water, drinkingwater and diesel are filled up, and we are just waiting for a good "weather-window".
Last thursday, Stein were climbing up the mast, just to have a look at the rig. To make sure everything was ok there. Unfortunately it showed that three of the wires, holding the mast, were broken. On two of them the cordells were broken! We used the internett, to find out where we could get help with this repairings. We phoned Road Town, and made an appointment the next day, to get new wires. Then we were on our way down there again. But, we had to do this, we would not cross the Atlantic like that.
The next morning Stein took down this wires, delivered them at the workshop and got new once the same afternoon. That evening the broken wires were replaced with new once.
The next day, there were some kind of drama in that marina. Stein and I were sitting in the cockpit, having a cup of coffee, as we discovered a sailboat dragging. There were some strong winds in between, and this boat came in a good speed, heading for another small sailboat. There were no one om board in this "dragging" sailboat, so Stein and another guy had to get to this boat, to reanchor this. The anchor had fasened in the little sailboats ropes. As they were moving the sailboat, the ropes for the little sailboat broke, and this one started drifting along. Fortunately, this was a small boat, so another guy managed to fasten a rope and "held the boat" by using the dingys motor. At this time the "dragging" sailboat was reanchored, and the guys hurried to get to this small sailboat safe. The motor at this little sailboat were delivered at a workshop, so thay had to pull it/push it by the dingys into a small floating dock. I am happy that no people og boats got injured. It looked rather dramatic for a while.
Saturday we sailed back to Saba Rock, back to our startingpoint. We arrived late afternoon, dropped the anchor and just relaxed.
The next day there were four Norwegian sailboats in that marina, and they were all from the nothern part of Norway. what a coincidence! We went, all together, to the restaurant that afternoon to have dinner and a drink. A very nice couple of hours.
We are downloading weatherforcast every day, following the low-and highpressure, to find a good time to start. But, it seems that we have to stay for at least one more week. As the forcast is at this time, we have to go all the way up to the ice, to get further. One possibility is to go up to Bermuda, but then we have to stay there waiting. Our plan is to go directly to the Azores, if possible. We will see if there is any change in the next couple of days, before we decide.
Just at this time we are eager to go on. We hoped to be back home during July, so that we could have some weeks at our cabin at Stigen, before I start working in August.
We are really looking forward to meet family and friends. And not to mention, we miss the great fish-dinners back home.
If you do not hear anything from us in 3-4 weeks, then we are on our way! Ship o'hoy!