After visiting The Baths, we went even loger north, to Saba Rock all up north of Virgin Gorda. We were there for 9-10 days. This is a lovely place, not to crowdy and not to much
"party" going on. We enjoyed the nice weather, beaches and a lot of nice people. Lynn and David from Scottland is a very nice couple, that we met there. Hope to see them again, somewhere.
The startingmotor onboard was broken, so we did have to get a new one. Luckily we managed to have one from Road Town. The new motor was sendt by the speedboat, so we got it the same day that we ordered it! Very good service!
We haad ordered a Visa at internet, so that we could visit US Virgin Island as well. From Saba Rock, we sailed to Road town for provision, things from the chandlery as well as we wanted to check out, to head for St. Thomas.
We had a nice sailing and dropped the anchor in a bay until the next day. There we met Ed and Mark (sorry if I do not remember the names), two nice guys from Canada. We had met them at Saba Rock as well. A lot of turtles there in this bay, nice to look at them. Next day we trimmed the sail, heading for St. Thomas. We sailed spinnacker, and had a beautyful day. On our way we got to see a huge turtle. I have never seen anything like that! We also were lucky to see a lot of fish. Then we were talking about our place back home, Stigen, and are looking forward to get there in July.
We dropped the anchor in Charlott Amalie at St. Thomas around two o'cklock. May be we should vait until the next day to check in? No, we agreed that it was best doing it at once.
It appeard that our Visa was not ok. With this kind of visa (ESTA), you had to arrive by plane or ferry. You were not allowed to arrive in your own boat! We were told to go directly to the boat, and leave the harbour immediately!
There we were, in the middle of nowhere, nothing else to do than return to British Virgin Island. We were very disappointed! It was already late afternoon, and we could not manage to get back before dark. What could we do?
We decided to go a bit, and then drop the anchor in a bay for the night. After breakfast we were sailing further, and arrived Jost Van Dyke in the middle of the day. Then there were a new round with the custom and immigration. Everything turned out ok, and now we will stay in the British Virgin Island until it is time to cross the Atlantic again.
Now the sun is going down, and I will prepare for dinner.
Have a nice Easter!